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Finding the perfect place to do creative work and stay productive can be challenging, especially from home. Inside your home office, doing an intricate hobby or home improvement tasks, surrounded by constant interruptions and an unbearable amount of noise can make being productive impossible. Then again, isolating yourself in a quiet location can also be counterproductive.

Pluvior: Let the rain sing you a lullaby... is the perfect example of an ambient noise generator that can increase productivity and creativity, by prompting abstract thinking. Its rain sounds can also create a tranquil environment for sleeping or relaxing.

Hipstersound: Stay on track gives you access to 3 premium tracks and 8 additional ambient sounds to create your own, unique working environment. The tracks include the gentle chatter of a Danish restaurant, the cheerful sounds of a vibrant family restaurant in Rio de Janeiro and the lively hum of a cafeteria. Just the perfect amount of background noise to enhance your workday.

Ambicular: The ambience is particular
The sounds of nature are random enough that it doesn't become a distraction. comes with several nature sounds that will not only help you be more productive, but relieve anxiety or simply relax while you read a good book. Research has also shown that a moderate degree of noise, including the sounds of nature, prompts creative thought.

Concentr: Rainbow of noise colors
What's your favorite color of noise? Choose it on The tracks of this generator include various types of colored noise that help you block out distracting, unwanted sounds. | Credits and attributions