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DefonicNoise app

Noise spectrum generator.
A whole rainbow of noise colors at your fingertips!

How the app works.

android app with No ads and
Zero permissions.

different colored noises with
the move of a finger.

your favorite compositions
in the memory.

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Defonic Noise dynamically generates noise according to a frequency
and amplitude spectrum sketched by the user. As easy as drawing a line!


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Just the right amount of ambient noise to boost your workday, on-demand.

#1 Asmrion | Positive sounds for pleasant relaxation

#2 Generator of colored noises

#3 Defonic premium | Get fully immersed

According to recent research, moderate ambient noise improves creativity by prompting abstract thinking. With the help of our premium web-based apps, stay focused, increase productivity or just relax by creating your own unique stress-free ambience.

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Notice: we are in constant evolution to offer new functionalities. In order to make our applications better, we reserve the rights to replace, delete, add or modify sounds, images, videos, design assets on future updates and without prior notice.