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DefonicNoise app

Noise spectrum generator.
A whole rainbow of noise colors at your fingertips!

How the app works.

android app with No ads and
Zero permissions.

different colored noises with
the move of a finger.

your favorite compositions
in the memory.

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Defonic Noise dynamically generates noise according to a frequency
and amplitude spectrum sketched by the user. As easy as drawing a line!



Background noises from the ambient sound generator to stay zen and productive.

Listening to ambient sounds focused on inducing a relaxed atmosphere can definitely encourage a Zen-like state.

Defonic is a web-based app that can be conveniently used on all platforms, including your mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer and have instant access to a multitude of ambient sounds and noises to create your unique sound environment. Relaxing background sounds include the sounds of the rain, thunderstorm, ocean, forest and even oscillating fans.

With Defonic, you can create the perfect ambient soundscapes that nurture productivity throughout the day.